Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My 4th and last week here

Ramadhan has just dawned on the 1st of September all around the world. I would like to wish everyone a happy ramadhan and may this holy month bring us peace and tranquility in our busy lives. i just came back from the Toronto Mosque where we performed our Maghrib prayers. There, i met a fellow moslem sister from Indonesia who is an active member of the mosque which is situated about 20 minutes from where we are staying. Anyway, we moved to a new suite today, a smaller one but its for the best as only my parents will be staying for the following months.

i cant wait to get back to Indonesia to start my new life as a third year student. i pray that Allah will bless me with a happy and fulfilling year..InsyaAllah...I have lots of new things to write in my blog that i had thought of during the summer, but im waiting until i go back and can write nicely...

Hmm, what do i have to say? well ...lots... ok, in the posts before, i forgot to mention that i went to Buskerfest at St Lawrence Market. it is a street festival filled with lots of street performers. if i have time, i would really like to post some videos of --- A MAN GOING THROUGH A SMALL SQUASH RACKET --- AND LOADS MORE!! The days after that, i went with mommy to the CN Tower which was ironically just behind our apartment. That was not such a good trip. But the day after that, we went to Casa Loma and Spadina Museum, that was worth it because Casa Loma is a very big castle-like-mansion built by this really rich canadian named Henry something2...which i had forgot...ill look it up again. The castle was amazing!it had more than 100 rooms and for your information...u know the movie X-MEN AND THE PACIFIER??well, most of the movie was taken at this very castle!! Do wait until i get back to indonesia and have time to show you all the pictures, they are really magnificent, wait for the pictures ok!

Then, yesterday, (31 august), we went to Wasaga Beach...I basked in the sun for the last time..it was great! we had a picnic on the beach. but the best thing is, the beach is not a sea!!instead, it is a lake!the longest freshwater beach in the world! there were so many people there, it was like a spring-fling and we enjoyed it very much!

Today, is daddys birthday, we did not celebrate it much as we were tired from the moving and all. but tomorrow, we are going to have dinner at Big DAddys Resto. it serves louisiana food which my dad misses from his days back when he was in university. i will put more photos, but not today, im too lazy...hehe...dont mind me...and i will make another post to conclude the whole holiday i had this summer...so wait up!!

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