Tuesday, 16 September 2008


If we were to die today, what would you do in the last few seconds of your life. I asked myself this question a few months ago, when i woke up from a nightmare, in which i had only a few seconds to live, and all that i have done passed through my head.

Im 21, and what have i achieved in my life so far...am i just another dot in this large world...?When i was smaller, i dreamed big dreams....i wanted to be well known in this world, in a good way, maybe join the Olympic Games, maybe be a young philantrophist, maybe rule the world.....but what have i achieved in these 21 years of my life?....none of that...what have you achieved in yours up until now?

If you were to die today....would you have regretted not climbing mount everest, not being able to see the world, or something simple like not being able to love your family and tell them they mean a lot to you....regrets, theres nothing good about regrets, its just something we should never do....always do what is right before it is too late right...i hope that all of us can do this

sometimes we need a reminder to tell us, life does not last forever...we are just actors in this universe, one day, we will all shrivel up and retire, some of us take the bus to hell, some of us take a first class flight to heaven...lets book our flight ticket and hope we get the front seat..

lETs start with an inventory of what have we achieved in our lives and what we dream of accomplishing....people who are succesful, start with big dreams which live on to become a reality...so dream big, pray hard, play hard, and remain focused....everyone has their own capabilities....just free our dreams, and it will all come out.

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andaiNYA... said...

die another day???
= i am do afraid of it..

life another day.????
=i am do afraid MOST!!!!!

"pada hari ini KAMI tutup mulut mereka; tangan mereka akan berkata kepada KAMI dan kaki mereka akan memberi kesaksian terhadap apa yang dahulu mereka kerjakan" 36:63

............t.a k.o.t............