Thursday, 5 June 2008

how i miss MALAYSIA

TIME = 9.30
i JUSt finished studying another case for my SoCA exams...woahhh..theres like 20 more to go..and all of this must be done within how many forsaken days!!wuhuu!!nothing comes without hard work ey?so, basically,i have been studying in Indonesia now for 2 years. Alhamdulillah, the journey has been hard but very rewarding. When i first arrived here, i was like OH-MY-GOD-IM-SO-GONNA-DIE-LIVING-IN-THIS-ULU-NAK-MAMPOSS-PLACE. But every step of the way that i trudged here was like opening a packet of nasi lemak, you never know how good it tastes until u really try it!

Now i am living a more or less stable life here, it still has its ups and downs but i dont mind. The only thing now is that i really miss Malaysia... no other country in this world can beat the joys of Malaysia---expecially one of this in the video clip...hehe

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