Saturday, 31 May 2008

Life is full of golden tickets...

No, this is not my first time as a blogger but it might as well be. i have been hovering for perfect blogging spots and havent quite settled on the right one yet. So, pray hard that i love this spot, my ANZ spot. So, here you people can read what is going on in the mind of a problematic child such as i and this is where hopefully i will place all my wits, sarcasm, thoughts, ponderings, wonderings, life travels and the list goes on. Time will tell whether i am faithful to this silver box of mine and if my human mind will always be filled with interesting things to tell my new audience.


Is so named for the golden tickets that we bump into everyday, our golden ticket in life, which meets us at every second it can to tell us ` TAKE ME!!` `TAKE ME!!`....but sadly, we as plain humans do not realize the golden tickets floating around which are our opportunities, our 1ST AND 2ND CHANCES, our THIRD WAY OUT.

i realized all this while, when i have a problem to solve that is or not worth pondering over is that there will always be a way to solve it, THE GOLDEN TICKET has and will always be in the hands and eyes of the beholder, in this case, me, you and yes, as i am facing my exams next week, with the stress of a glassed-up, slobby medical student, i must remember ...i am still holding my golden ticket which Allah has given me...All it takes is for me to take it out of my pocket.

As the morning is dawning now, i cant think of more intellectual sounding words to put on my first entry, so, afraid of rambling, i shall stop now, going to sleep with an easy heart as i know that my life is full .... OF GOLDEN TICKETS...

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