Saturday, 10 April 2010


Tis a lovely day aye Is it not a beautiful day Fear not the darkness comes night For thou art in His Grace, His Light~ ~ExLibris~
I woke up a bit late today, but still had time for my morning jog. Today we took the long route, where it is much hilly and i get more prone to my knee pains. Our slow jog today took us 24 minutes to finish the whole university, lets keep track of my progress shall we. Last weekend after exams, me and a couple of friends went on a short excursion to Anyer, Jakarta. If anyone wants to go there, hope this can be a guide to you.

So, to begin with, i wanted to drive there, but after thinking it over, and having to drive at 2 am in the morning for 5 hours, i decided not to in the end. There were 6 of us all in our pyjamas that fateful Saturday morning, we had spent the night before cooking for our picnic needs.


1. bihun goreng and ayam goreng (a must for Nadya Amin)
2. nasi goreng kampung
3. egg and sardine sandwhich
4. cokodok (cekodok)
5. keropok
6. miscellaneous

Things to bring on a picnic:

1. picnic basket
2. tikar
3. newspaper
4. extra plastic bags
5. tissue wipes
6. sunglasses and a nice outfit to look keren abisss.. =P

Our transport, was a kijang and driver, and total cost of transport back and forth was

1. 375k for kijang
2. 200k for petrol
3. 100k for tol

A decent speed to drive took us 3 hours to reach Jakarta, and another 2 hours to reach Anyer. When you reach Anyer, there a re lots of beaches and all of them are owned, so you would have to pay around 5k for a beach although some of it are free. There are actually 2 parts of the beach, Pantai Anyer and Pantai Carita which is a bit further of. I think Carita is where we settled down. These beaches are actually in the region of Banten, in the outskirts of Jakarta. We got ourselves a beach in front of a villa, even though we did not take the villa until later. I had to use my acting charms a bit =P cewah! Anyway, if you decide to stay a night at a villa there, most of it would cost around 1 juta, but very comfortable and you can fit more than 10 people so it is considered cheap once you calculate it.

Anyway, when we arrived, it took us a loong time to find a nice spot, most of the beaches had lots of rocks, and it was raining too. We were all in our gloomiest mood. But once we settled down, unpacked our stuff, and made Mr Tummy happy, the sun was shining and we were ready to hit the waves! Boy the waves were super-duper high! Oh, you can actually see Krakatao from most parts of the seaside, so that is a plus point on the trip.

Some beaches offer jet ski, banana boat and other water sports but they are quite costly. Some are just nice to roll around in the sun and make yourself a sandcastle. Some of us really just dashed into the waves ala2 baywatch yang gemok gedempol. while some just laid in the sun, enjoying the breeze. While on a trip to the beach, make sure you wear suitable clothing, especially if you want to play in the water. The waves were big, so our clothes kept doing summersaults. For breaks in between crazy laughing from the cool waves, bring games that everyone can play with. We brought a frisbee that was thrown away by the wind, a ball that was too lembik to play with and the twister game that made you want to pee out of laughter, oops!

All in all, i loved the trip, even though it was short, it was enough to recharge our senses before we started to nerd-ify ourselves again.

ps: internet sucks photos keep failing to upload =(

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