Saturday, 24 January 2009

kisah ibunda dan ayahanda tercinta


A few months ago, my family took these photos in a studio during our holiday in Canada. I have been begging them to take our family portrait for (can you believe it,21 years,hey,thats as old as i am!). Finally, everyone thought that this was THE perfect TIME to snap a few non-candid photos.

To start of, my everything that you never expect a family to be, and thats what i cherish the most. We look picture perfect here, but like most families, we do have our share of hard times, ordeals and problems. With all that we have been through, this is the glue that sticks my family together, LOVE...

So today, allow me to take you on a journey down memory lane to MEET THE SHAHARUDINS~


Dad met mom at a tennis court, and as the story goes, they fell instantly in LOVE. Dad is a really great tennis player, and hes a real sportsman. If i were the same age as mom, i would have dated dad ages ago. HE had the looks, he had the style, but only one thing he didnt have way back then, he didnt have MY MOMMY(yet). So, what he did was, he offered to coach my mom in playing tennis, and my mom, being MOM, swooned head over heels at this dashing fellow.

Dad has always been my idol, ever since i was small. We always ask him loads of questions, and no matter how stupid they sound, dad always gave us scientific explanations. Me, my brother and my sister would climb at the back of the family car and would ask things like `Dad, how does the vaccum cleaner work` or `Dad, why does the rain fall down and not up`. Dad, being a scientist, would keep quite for approximately 5 minutes, and we would sit still wondering whether he heard or not. Suddenly, he would give a long explanation about our question until we are extremely satisfied with it. Sometimes,when i was a bit older and knew more stuff, i liked to act smarter than dad and tested him, to see whether or not he knows the things i just learnt, and trust me, dad could answer anything. I once asked him if he knew what was the formula for one problem when i was learning physics, without blinking an eye, daddy gave the fomula as if it was right in the palm of his ey~~

Oh yeahh, dad has this affinity towards queer things. My childhood days were coloured with fond memories of daddy bringing happiness into our lives, but bringing dread to mom`s..haha...wanna know why?Dad loved to fulfill his childrens wishes, when we start our sentence with a DAD,CAN WE HAVE A, mom would start hissing at us. When kakak wanted a rabbit, she got not one, but 5,6,7 cute baby rabbits. When dad was in a craze for laptops, he would buy not one for himself, but for the whole family clan. Did i tell u, dad loved horses A LOT. And strangely, the horses loved him and would gallop to him no matter when they are called. So, no matter where we moved, the horses came with us.

Mom is totally different than dad. Dad has always been into science, while mom on the other hand is very gifted in all things art. She was an English lecturer (eventhough she speaks MAlay only to me, i wonder why). Mommy is a smart businesswoman, shes systematic, charismatic (all things ending with -ic) and is good in leadership but most of all, shes the PERFECT MOM. I think God must have taken pity on our family and landed an angel in the midst of our chaotic lives.

My mom is someone who taught us how to be who we are now. She taught us how to be independent, strong and also the i-dont-care-what-bullshit-as-long-as-im-ok attitude (i heard mom say bullshit once,that was the only curse i heard from her...haha). No matter how strong mom was, she always spoils her children. Shes one of those SUPER MOMS, the ones where they can change from a business suit and holding a suitcase to wearing an apron and cooking dinner at the next minute. I always marvel at how mom comes home tired from work, still capable of coming back with a beautiul smile, calling us baby, or princess, or sayang and hugging us all. The next minute,she would be downstairs, back in the kitchen cooking for us the best dinner ever and without saying how tired she was. At nights, mom would call me into her room, saying (tolong picit mamas shoulder boleh), and i would grumble and when she closed her eyes a bit, i would quickly tip-toe away...then mom would open her eyes and say (alaaa,kenapa dah nak pergi), and i would sulk a bit because i was missing the next episode for a tv series. That was when i was small, (although the habit still goes on until now), mom never grumbled, but her children, oh her children grumbled a lot...(sorry mom)..because for her, family always comes first. I remember mom telling us how she loved coke but had to share it with my sister and brother because at that time they were living in the states and had to budget.

One thing about mom, is she worries a lot. She has the softest heart in the universe and when she worries (mostly about her notty children), anything can trigger her crying mechanism. My mom deserves only the best in her life for her sacrifice throughout these years. i just hope that we have made her happy all this while....



Anonymous said...

wauu.. what a touching story. and sooo coooooll la ur dad!!!! way to go mr shaharudin. hehe. although i never met him or any of ur family:P

as i am ~ NADYA~ said...

so now that you have read...would you like to MEET THE SHAHARUDINS...hehehhee