Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2 books that i read during the holidays

so,here are 2 books i managed to squeeze through during the holidays. im too lazy to edit the photos i scanned.so,here they are.

This book is rather interesting as the author manages to illustrate his childhood in terengganu. he brings bright images to life as i scanned through the pages. He took me on a very interesting journey of how terengganu people lived,then and now,describing along the way about how kampung life is.

The only thing i can complain about is that the sequence of narration is not that clear from my point of view,but otherwise, its a very interesting book to read.

Witch child is a teen book,which i read first out of boredom. Eventhough its not that thick,but i absolutely loved the book as the writer was able to bring me to imagine life as this girl who was accused of being a witch. it tells of how she ran from england to america, escaping from being hanged by the villagers.

anyway, its a great coffee table book to have~

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